Facebook Game – Bubble Spinner

Bubble Spinner is a straightforward yet unique game that belongs to Frosmoworld collections and produced by Deadwhale. This can be a bubble game made along with some a twist or even more just like a spin.

Game play

For this reason belongs to Frosmoworld game collections, Bubble Spinner are only able to be performed daily in Facebook. You’ll have to earn tokens after which participate in the tournaments kind of game play.

Unlike the majority of the puzzle game I’ve performed to date, Bubble Spinner is among the most addictive one yet apart from Bejeweled. Players is only going to get 1 shot within this game each day. Should you messed up, you’ll have to wait for a following day to experience it again. However, if player does find farmville interesting, they are able to always mind to Deadwhale’s website and also have limitless game play (Links provided below).

The sport starts player served by a government shape puzzle and player’s mission would be to obvious off all of the color bubbles hanging around as quickly as possible.

The bubbles hanging around react for the players actions. Whenever a bubble hits a particular position from the government, it’ll cause government bubbles to spin within the direction the bubble arrives at it, living as much as its name Bubble Spinner.

Player can obvious from the bubbles by matching exactly the same color type. What get this to game unique when compared to others is the fact that despite one carefully place bubble can obvious from the whole entire government within a few moments. This really depends upon skills and luck from the players.

If players do not rush around the game, the government can make itself just like a magnet and attracts more bubbles to itself, which makes it a genuine challenge at occasions. When the government hits any four corner from the wall, the sport has ended. Otherwise, the sport will keep on for any very lengthy time based on player’s skills. At occasions one easy level can require fifteen minutes lengthy.


Simple 256 color kind of graphic with plain background. This really is nothing interesting, really.


Excellent music tone with bubbly seem…


Bubble Spinner is essential play for those puzzle fanatics available.

I give farmville a 4 of every 5 rating.

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